Top 5 most visited websites about culture and movies in North America

People are in love with the Internet. It’s the perfect platform to communicate, do research, find entertainment, and do business. Thanks to excellent website creation, there are a flood of sites that get more traffic than most. The same holds true when it comes to culture and movies in North America. Take a look at the top five most visited websites for people who want to be in the know.

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Jezebel: For All Things Related to Women
Jezebel was the first site on the Internet dedicated to women, providing them with the perfect spot to explore their culture as well as the concerns that are unique to the female gender. From the latest about celebrities to the every day, Jezebel offers women a great resource for information.

Get a Taste of is dedicated to offering you the latest when it comes to fashion, art, an music in North American hot spots such as New York City, San Francisco, and Chicago. Be in the know about what is trending in these metropolitan meccas. Weekly updates will come your way to point you in the right direction.

Capture the Moment with Flickr
When it comes to posting and viewing snap shots all over North America, is the place to be. You’ll see the efforts of others and have the opportunity to share your own when you want to make memories through the medium of photography. Make comments, identify your top picks, and be a part of a community across the continent. You’ll see bits and pieces of the North American culture at random.

Get the Latest Movie Reviews with Rotten Tomatoes
When you visit, you’ll be able to tap into a great resource that has review information on a broad selection of North American movies. Get the opinions of others before settling in for movie night at home.

Go to is an excellent source for reviews and a conversation about what is trending in the world of movies. Find top picks as well as those that are considered the worst. Find out what everyone is buzzing about when it comes to movies. You’ll be able to make a more informed decision before you pick the next movie to see. You might decide to go out on a limb and try a film with questionable reviews. It’s all up to you.

Photo by Kristin Andrus